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Lung Ching 【龍慶】 as “Enthusiastic Dragons” by meaning in Chinese, is always full of Energy, Power, and Strength in the steel business. The whole staff of Lung Ching have since been in the industry for over two decades, we believe we can soar through the sky for decades to come like a real Dragon with no doubt.

Lung Ching Steel Enterprise Co., Ltd is located in Kaohsiung, the southern region of Taiwan. The company was founded in 1976. We have also received the Quality Assurance System Certificate of 『ISO-9002』 in 1996, and the Quality Assurance System Certificate of『ISO-9001』in 2003. Our main products are Billets, Bar in Coils, Wire Rods, and Round Bars. We supply our customers for products like skews, stationary, tools, molds, and construction.

In order to increase productivity and competiveness our main production equipments include an Abb 70 tons Electric Acr Furnace, with the capacity of producing 450,000 tons a year. A continuous casting plant that consist of 6 Concast Strands producing Billets in three sizes 100mm2 , 120mm2 and 150mm2 . We also invested in a Danieli Rolling Mill with capacity of 400,000 tpy in 1995. The project was completed in 1997, making the production of Wire Rods available at a speed of 120 meters per second successfully.

This Rolling Mill was well-known and ranked the best in the steel industry worldwide in terms of the high speed and high productivity. The Rolling Mill provided a wide range of products. The new equipment could make Wire Rod from 5.5mm to 16mm, Bar in Coil from 17mm to 42mm, Round Bar from 10mm to 50mm, and Debar from 10mm to 42mm. With low, medium or high carbon steel, the maximum rolling speed for the mill can reach 120 meters per second for a 5.5mm diameter coil weighing 2 metric tons.

In order to stay in front of the industry and market demand, we Lung Ching Steel provide products with highest rated quality possible at the lowest cost possible for our Customers.

“Better quality and customer royalty” are the primary strategies our company always keeps in mind. Our goals are filled with great confidence in the ever changing industry and opened to make our products further satisfy customer requirements. Lung Ching Steel will face and over come any obstacle, and progress with strong ambition towards the world environment.

Address:No.4, Li Chong St, Hsiao kam, kaohsiung, Taiwan
TEL:886-7-8023921 FAX:886-7-8010960 E-mail: info@lcsteel.com.tw
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